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Shweta Bhandral – My Story

The Future Skills Company is the work of a journalist, creative content creator and educator, whose heart has always been in teaching and training.

Style of teaching has evolved in our schools, yet few are making learning a foundational experience. The ideas where students are encouraged to enquire, explore and express are not induced in the system.

A project which could empower the Gen-Next with skills to follow their hearts and excel in life was born.

Our methods were validated by working with schools and educators. The framework that developed became the base for The Future Skills Company.

Our Mentors

Our Mentors

Deepti Menon

With 18 years of experience in school transformation, socio-emotional and employability skills Deepti Menon believes that the most critical skills children need to have today is the skill of critical thinking and reflection.

Bhuvan Khanna

He has built cross-functional teams and successfully delivered highly scalable digital platforms for Fortune 500s, SMEs & startups. Value-driven, strategic, and process-focused executive leader with extensive international exposure across multiple domains.

Hemani Kashikar

Communication in Education has been her area of interest for more than a decade now. Information & Media Literacy along with Teacher Communication Competence has been her core work spaces for several years and needless to say…she wants more!

We are empowering the Gen-Next with skills that will help them follow their hearts and excel in life.

The Future Skills Company is working with schools, colleges, and companies to induce the ten pivotal future skills. These skills are a part of the UN 2030 SDG4 agenda and are essential for every individual to excel in life. Our framework teaches people to take responsibility and ownership of their own actions and expression of their opinions. We build a sense of empowerment in them to think, act and achieve as world citizens. At Future Skills, we make learning an experience. The idea is to help every individual evolve as they enquire, explore, and express.

Communication Training

Communication is a power skill, and it is the most critical element required to succeed in professional or personal life. At Futski we assist businesses and institutes in sharpening this skill of their teams/students not only to achieve bigger goals but also to build a work culture that is positive and growth oriented.

Skills & Media Literacy Lab

Each one of us is responsible for our own learning and development. To build this understanding in children and make them better learners, Futski helps schools come up with Creative Creation Clubs. Where they understand the world of information/ news/ research and Verification to become responsible learners and communicators. 

Career Counselling

Children today dream of a life beyond the regular. They want to understand their passion and skills to carve new paths for themselves. This is exactly what our career counselling sessions help them achieve.

Experience & Expertise

Shweta is all about communication. She is a journalist, trainer, and educator with over 21 years of experience in the media and entertainment industry. She does news verification workshops in partnership with Google, teaches journalism to postgraduate students and conducts news sensitization workshops in schools and colleges.

In her entrepreneurial journey, she founded The Future Skills Company. The vision is to inculcate values that help the young generation understand what makes us human. Journalism, Media Literacy, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Debating, and Theatre are tools to build such skills.

"Having Shweta as a guide and mentor helped me understand the core principles of digital journalism. It bettered my skills as a journalist and as a content creator.

Today I feel due to her guidance I can tailor the same piece of news or information to different formats."

Krystelle Dsouza


The mental models and exercises provided by Shweta have helped me develop good habits to keep the brain active. It has helped me get a fresh perspective on why active listening is essential and certain methods to engage others in effective communication. The enthusiasm from Samar and Shweta both helped make this communication training program enjoyable. Their insight was a combination of a refresher of communication fundamentals and expert techniques, and I would like to thank them both for their valuable time.

Akash Hande

Participant Communication Training

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