It’s all about Power Skills Empowering about 500 journalists, primarily reporters, more than 1000 teachers, around 2000 students, and over 2500 people with #Power Skills

Fostering Agility & Culture Through Learning  It’s not uncommon to hear phrases like “I’m stressed” or “My work isn’t getting recognized because I’m an introvert”

Workshops & Programs


Communication Training

These workshops are for teams & their managers. Done in small groups, all sessions are customised as per the need of the group being trained.


Skills & Media Literacy Lab

The lab is not just a room; it's a place for ideas and discussions. It's a free space in a school/college for students. The focus is to help students build power skills that are in the UN 2030 agenda.


Career Counselling

Listening, understanding, and assessing every student's aptitude, personality and interests to guide them through a career path.

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Empowering with Theatre

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We are living in a world full of information and news constantly being bombarded from every corner. These circumstances demand

Only a fraction of cinematographers in Mumbai’s film industry are women – how does the skewed ratio play out in

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