Being on Camera – A confidence Building Workshop

Clicking a selfie or doing video calls with friends is one thing and being on camera to talk on an issue, report news or deliver content which the audience will listen to is totally another. Training students in this skill, I would call it art, is not easy and there are several factors at play. In a vigorous 12 to 15hour workshop Students are introduced to different aspects being on camera. Starting from understanding the news to various techniques and approaches that are followed by the industry to how one can create his or her own style. While making a student confident about himself/herself is half the battle won, now it’s about polishing the speech/ the way of speaking. This task takes time but in my workshop, I share a few exercises and methods through which interested students can sharpen their skill post the workshop as well.

The workshop I took for third-year students of BMM, made me realise that voice training is as essential as look training. We did a two-hour voice session where students wrote a piece of news that they were following and have an interest in so that it’s easier for them to read and speak. While doing this we worked on skills like decision making, writing, patience, acceptance along with reading and diction. The final product of this workshop is a reporter style mojo video clip that everyone captures in their phones and a video of formal Headline + Anchor link in a Pendrive. It is shared with the students at the end of the session. Though happy with what they gained in the workshop the students realised that these skills are important as they are ready to step out in the real world.


Giving direction to their positive thought – News Verification workshop at Hinduja