News Sensitisation – Need of the hour

The Campion School, Colaba, Mumbai, India

We are living in a world full of information and news constantly being bombarded from every corner. These circumstances demand from us better decision making, understanding, and analysis. With this in mind, the Principal of The Campion School, Colaba, Mumbai, invited me to take a news sensitisation session with class 8th and 9th.

As I started discussing the news scenario in the country, the excitement level rose. I encouraged students to share their thoughts and opinion on the issues. While doing so, I picked up two students who would make sure that:

1. Nobody interrupts the person speaking,

2. The person speaking would get only a minute to speak and

3. No one used language which was disrespectful or abusive.

This way, we could hear more views, we made sure people were heard, the idea of respecting another person’s viewpoint was sowed, and the debate was healthy.

As we progressed and we discussed misinformation and disinformation, the students were quick to pinpoint the problem areas in the videos and images shared with them.

They were excited to learn about the tools used to debunk fake news. The best part was that most of them wanted to use these tools so that they could correct their parents and grandparents with proof now. This session with 13 and 14-year-olds equipped them with new skills to become better informed and more open to new ideas.